Bleda S. Düring
Project Leader

Project visionary, commander and general know-it-all

Victor Klinkenberg
Field director

Runs the dig, runs the documentation and just runs 

Charalambos Paraskeva
Associate director

Pottery guru and database savant

Paul Croft

Veteran of Cypriot archaeology and famous (animal) bone whisperer

Ellon Souter
Ground stone specialist

Happiest between a rock and a hard place

Ian J. Cohn

Proponent of Palloures, golf and local wines 

Marina Gavryuskina
3D GIS specialist

Working on a PhD in GIS using her RTS and DGPS. You follow?

Maria Hadjigavriel
Ceramics specialist

If it ain't broke... then you can't do petrographic analysis?

Lily Graham-Stewart
Lithics specialist

Like her favourite material she's multifaceted with an edge

Every year the complete team comprises some 25 members, mainly students from Leiden University, in the picture below is the majority of the 2015 team.


The Paloures 2015 team. Back row, from left to right: Victor Klinkenberg, Aris Politopoulis, Eduard Pop, Charlotte Spiering, Joella Jorritsma, Eva Mol, Lonneke Grimbergen, Claire Kolton, Wiske ter Steeg, Jack Victor, Vasileios Karaiskos, Bo Schubert, Nico Slaats, Harry Paraskeva, Ian Cohn. Front row, left to right: Bleda Düring, Diek Halbertsma, Ruben Modderman, Fieke van den Blink. Missing from this photo: Ellon Souter, Paul Croft, Holly Kunst.

The field team of 2016:

The 2017 team:

The 2018 team:

The 2019 team: