The Palloures Archaeological Project is a collaboration between the Faculty of Archaeology of Leiden University, the Netherlands, and the Department of Antiquities of the Republic of Cyprus, and the project is based at the Lemba Archaeological Centre.

The project started with a three year expedition on plot 568 at the site, which was scheduled for development, and it started therefore as a salvage project of a site under threat, aiming to obtain the maximum amount of knowledge on the history of this location while we still can. Currently the site has received protection and is no longer in danger of demolition. The project now continues to address specific scientific questions about the nature of Chalcolithic society by investigating this settlement site. Also, the project acts as a fieldschool for archaeology students and as a means of enhancing research links between archaeologists in Cyprus and their counterparts in the Netherlands.

Overview of the full extent of the site of Palloures, and the two plots under investigation. The orange rectangle represent the trenches which have been excavated thus far.