On Monday October 4th 2021, Victor Klinkenberg, field director at Palloures, will present a lecture on his research. Using detailed records of Chalcolithic buildings, and the deposits we find in them, he will discuss the role of the house in Chalcolithic society, see the abstract below. If you would like to follow the lecture, please register through the link below! 

Where? Online! Everyone can join! When? Monday October 4th

19:30 (Cyprus time)
18:30 (Netherlands time)
17:30 (UK time)
12:30 (New York time)
02:30 (Sydney time)  

Click here to register (Victor’s lecture is on the 4th of October): https://ucy.zoom.us/meeting/register/tJwrduyhqjopEtapHuXutOu3-xz9S3OJ7IeZ 

Lecture Abstract:

The Cypriote Chalcolithic is often characterized as a static period of relative insularity, mirrored in the largely unchanging appearance of the prevailing building type, the roundhouse. To understand variety of roundhouses, in my research at the Archaeological Research Unit I use stratigraphic analysis and micromorphology to investigate how they changed within their life cycle. It appears that significant moments, such as the construction, renovation and abandonment of buildings, were often marked by votive offerings or public display of their closure or violent destruction. Rather than a static container of household activities, the roundhouse was a dynamic entity that played a significant role in the expression of identity of the community and the household.   

Victor’s lecture is part of the 56th Public Lectures Series of the Archaeological Research Unit (ARU) of the University of Cyprus. All lectures of the 56th Series will be delivered, this time, by ARU’s post-doctoral researchers to showcase their ongoing research endeavours. The lectures are held virtually via Zoom every Monday at 7:30 pm (EET), they are free and open to the public, but registration is required for access before each event starts. See the full program here.

You are welcome to join all lectures, see the program for details. Victor’s lecture is on October 4th. Please register here: https://ucy.zoom.us/meeting/register/tJwrduyhqjopEtapHuXutOu3-xz9S3OJ7IeZ