Open Day Chlorakas-Palloures Excavations Saturday May 19th  4-7 pm, Lemba

In May 2018, the Chlorakas-Palloures team has studied the artifacts, bones and architectural remains which were excavated in three excavation seasons. To share our interpretations and discoveries we would like to invite you to our

Open Day

on Saturday May 19th between 4-7 pm at the Edgar Peltenburg Archaeological Research Centre at Lemba. We will present our general interpretations and you have the chance to talk with specialists and view the find material.


4:00 Welcome

4:30 Public Lecture “Three years of excavations at Chlorakas Palloures” by dr. Bleda Düring, director

5:00 – 7:00 Display and explanation of finds


When? Saturday May 19th 4-7pm

Where? Edgar Peltenburg Archaeological Research Centre at Lemba (Pentadaktylos street)

Will you attend? Please send a short email: