Since 2015 archaeologists from Leiden University and the University of Cyprus are excavating the Chalcolithic (Copper Age) site of Palloures, in Chlorakas, Cyprus.  On this website you can find all information related to the project and the team. Would you like to help out? We would love it if you would become our Friend!

Check out the documentary below that Leiden University students made about Palloures!

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The project could not have started without the help of the following people and institutions who we would like to thank:
– The staff of the Department of Antiquities in Nicosia (in particular Dr. Marina Ieronymidou, Dr. Despina Pilides, and Dr. Stathis Raptou);
– The staff of the Department of Antiquities in the Paphos Museum (in particular Elena Meranou and Margarita Kouali);
– The Municipality of Chlorakas
– The Byvanck Fonds (Leiden University) for financing our first campaigns;
– The Faculty of Archaeology and ARCHOL at Leiden University for logistical support;
– The Edgar Peltenburg Archaeological Research Centre (in particular Dr. Paul Croft);
– Professor Dr. Eddie Peltenburg dr. Diane Bolger and Dr. Lindy Crewe.
– Our Friends.